The Most Happening and Popular Fashion Trends of 2018 in Pakistan

2018 Popular Fashion Trends in Pakistan

2018 is moving slowly and winter is going away with bright sun and lovely flowers coming out. It is time to welcome summer with lot of New Fashions and trends. Designers are adding new trendy designs with bold colors, Sweet pastels, Medium Shirts with CIGARETTE TROUSER, FRINGE and FLOWY SHIRTS, PEPLUMS AND MIXED PRINTS.

In this modern age we should be aware of all the new upcoming fashion trends if we want to look awesome and unique than others. But be careful whenever chose a color and a design for you.

Only make those color and designs part of your wardrobe which suits you and your personality.

I am giving you a brief list of 2018 Fashion Trends that helps you to make your wardrobe cool and attractive with full of trendy designs.

1-       Medium Shirts and Cigarette Pants:

The Pant which have Straight and very narrow legs known as CIGARETTE PANTS.These days Sliming Cigarette Trouser and Pants are very in in the market with Medium shirts. The days of your bell-bottoms are gone away. You should make the Cigarette Pants to be the part of your wardrobe if you want to look cool and stunning in this season.

All top brands like Nishat, Sapphire, GullAhmed, Khaadi, etc launched Cigarette Pants in different colors and designs. These pants give classy look to female of all ages. Cigarette Pant and Medium Shirts available in market with so many colors and in many styles. I am sharing a list of new classy CIGARETTE PANTS with their images for your convenience. It helps you to find right choice for you.


2-      Classy Fringe:

1st of all we have to understand what FRINGE is or what design we call FRINGE design. FRINGE is a decorative fabric trim applied to an edge of a cloth item, such as curtains, a flag, or epaulets.

Reason of Making Fringe Designs

Fringe created as a method of stopping a cut piece of fabric from separating when a stitching or hemming was not used. The FRINGE styles introduced in England in 1688.

Common Materials used in Fringe

More commonly Fringe add-ons made of Linen, Silk and Leather strips.

The use of fringe is traditional, and early fringes were generally made of UN-Rolled wool instead of rolled or warped threads.

Types of Fringe

Normally three types of Fringes are prevailing in Fashion Industry.

  • Thread fringe
  • Bullion fringe
  • Campaign fringe
  1. Thread Fringe

It is made of Untied and unplaited loose twisted threads

  1. Bullion Fringe

The name of Bullion Fringe came out form Bullion hose .Bullion Fringe is like a twisted yarn in which Sliver and Golden threads commonly used.

  1. Campaign fringe

The name of Bullion Fringe came out form Bullion hose .Bullion Fringe is like a twisted yarn in which Sliver and Golden threads commonly used.

Here you can find list of new CLASSY FRINGE with their images for your suitability. It helps you to find right choice of FRINGE which suits your personality and look

3-      Peplums:

These days PEPLUM designs are very common trendy in fashion industry.1st of all we should know about PEPLUM. PEPLUM is a dumpy, collected, somewhat widening band of material attached at the waist of a woman’s skirt or dress.

PEPLUMS are generally originate from western culture. Females love to wear PEPLUMS. Almost all the top brands launched their best design on PEPLUMS .PEPLUMS can be wear with bellbottoms, Jeans, Pants etc.

This year we have lot of PEPLUMS design shirts and following list will help you to find best for your wardrobe.

4-      Mixed Prints

In summer 2018 mixed prints are very in females of all ages especially young girls like these printed shirts very much. For MIXED PRINTS it very difficult to find right choice which is best fit to your personality.

In case of mixed printed shirts finding the perfect print is like finding the perfect accessory. Not everyone is worth looking and feel good in polka dots.

You have to find best for you .Consider the below given PRINTED SHIRTS variety and find best for you

5-      Medium Shirts

Girls love to pick medium shirts .These can be easily fit with Pants, Jeans and Pajamas. Year 2018 is full of new designs and all renowned brands launched so many different designs and colors in medium shirt category. Pakistani and Indian women look faultless in salwar suits and Kurtis. These clothes create them ample and flawless according to their nation. In addition, here are uncountable combination thoughts of short, long and medium length shirts. One of the most prevalent pair with any type of shirts is cigarette pants. On the other hand girls can also attempt trousers, Patiala salwar, pajamas and palazzo.

Below is the given the list of MEDIUM SHIRT designs for your choice.


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